Nano Sakhtar Mehr Asa Company

Nano Sakhtar Mehr Asa Company Was established in 2013 to investigate, research and development in relation to the production of nanofibers and nano-technology products and the efforts of the local tech Fitness program began to target its activities. The company design and manufacture of devices and rehabilitation and restoration of prototypes, Finally, after almost a year of study and hard work were produced the first generation of industrial machines to nano fibers mass production. Due to the growing population and increasing vehicle production, we are caught up air pollution in large cities, thus optimizing fuel is essential to avoid increasing air pollution. Car air filter is one of the factors affecting the complete combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber. In other words, proper treatment enriched air from particulate matter and pollutants, causing complete combustion, reducing consumption and thus reduce the pollution from vehicle exhaust. Car air nano filter is covered with a layer of nano-fibers, the majority of fine particles suspended in air purification and improves engine performance, efficiency, accelerating the car and ultimately reduce fuel consumption.

The advantage of nano filters

• intake air into the combustion chamber of airborne pollutants is quite refined.
• prevent the entry of contaminants into the engine, resulting in longer life of the engine.
• The more complete combustion and reduced fuel consumption with a more pure air.
• With complete combustion of exhaust gases to the environment and human health are less destructive effect.
• to reduce the amount of pollutants that damage human health aspects of nature have a positive impact.
• prolonging engine life due to the growing number of cars available makes significant savings in maintenance costs and the repair and replacement engine parts.
• To the extent that reduce pollution from car fuel will have a positive impact on public health.
• reduce the amount of vehicle fuel due to the high number of cars around the country that can be spent to improve the environment.
• acceleration and smooth engine makes more sense to reduce the amount of fuel is evident.